Regardless of your Age and Background, I can provide the results you are looking for!

Brian McDonald (46, Tennis Player and 4.0 Team Captain) -  Ben Wolfe has helped me change my game over the last 2 years.  Focusing on conditioning, stroke mechanics and match strategy.  I'm always impressed with how Ben approaches the coaching and mentoring process, coming up with new ideas, pushing me to work harder and keeping it fun.  His expertise, advice and encouraging me, has helped me move up and given me more confidence on the court.

Mike Vernon (52, Tennis Player and 4.0 Team Captain) -  Over the past few years, Ben's tennis drills, guidance, and programs have been significantly impactful me individually, and for our tennis team. During drills (and in general), Ben typically provides real life examples to emphasize a point or strategy, whether mental or physical. Recently, I participated in Ben's 90 Day Tennis Performance Program which thoroughly covered exercise, diet, and tennis workouts. Ben is a positive motivator who continues to push himself to find new ways to deliver a message to effect change. He provides concrete guidance that one can immediately implement to impact life athletically or just for good health.

Jacque (16, CVHS tennis player regarding tennis team workouts) - "The workouts so far have been very beneficial for me.  They have helped me out a lot in terms of getting better at tennis as well as feeling better about myself.  I would recommend them to anyone who is looking ti improve their health or to anyone who would like to work on their tennis game"  

Nicholas (17, RCHS tennis player regarding my tennis instruction) -  "I've known Ben now for over a few years and he's worked with me since since the early stages of my tennis career.  Throughout the years, he has given me personalized workout routines catered to tennis and priceless nutritional information needed in order to maintain a healthy, upbeat life.  Thanks to Ben, I've had a very successful high school varsity tennis career and will continue to pursue tennis in college.  Most of the tennis coaches I've worked with in the past do not even come close to how great Ben is. If it weren't for him, I would most definitely not be where I am today."   

Eve (16 CVHS tennis player regarding tennis team workouts) - "With tennis or just being healthier in general, the workouts we do have been pushing me to get better.  I really enjoy feeling like I am becoming a much better tennis player and healtheir person because of them."

Allie (27, Founder of "The Humble Tummy" and former high school tennis player) - "Achieving goals in life whether it be winning a tennis match, improving fitness, or eating healthier, all comes down to right mindset. Ben's enthusiasm in helping others grow and achieve their personal aspirations is what makes him so unique. He cares as much about your success as you do! I highly recommend Ben as a coach. The quality and care he put into his work to help his team succeed and grow was remarkable!" 

Megan (16 CVHS tennis player regarding tennis team workouts) - "Many of the workouts involved teamwork and communication, which are very important skills in building a successful tennis team.  In these workouts, you face physical and mental challenges simultaneously while also having fun."

Sandra Giorgettai, 3.0 tennis player: decided that I wanted to compete at the international level in Standing Adaptive tennis tournaments. I started attending walk-in clinics and taking some tennis lessons and began entering tournaments playing against able-bodied players. Although I initially made some progress, after about 6 months I reached a plateau and realized that what I was doing was not working and if I was going to be competitive in the Standing Adaptive tennis tournaments, where I would be playing mostly against males, that I needed to do something different. I was interested in finding a coach that would utilize a more comprehensive approach to coaching. I found Ben online and began working with him in October of 2017. In December, just a few months after working with him, I began winning more matches against able-bodied women and when I returned to Houston for the Standing Adaptive tournament, the players who had seen me play the year before all commented on how much I had improved. Ben is great at evaluating your play and knowing what changes you need to make to improve your game at each level of play. I am looking forward to having Ben guide me through the preparations I need both on and off the tennis court to help me reach my goals."