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How Tennis Can Fit into Your Schedule with Social Distancing

There is nothing to compare to our current times as we are faced with a crisis that will take the entire world to cooperate. Social distancing is going to be best thing that most of can do to eliminate the Coronavirus from spreading any further. While the shutting down of businesses that offer social interactions make it pretty obvious what is discouraged right now, tennis can still offer an opportunity to stay healthy while avoiding groups of people. Here are some ideas:

#1: Make it a Workout

According to the book Spark, there is ample research to suggest that exercise is not only good for the body but also the brain. Try wearing a heart rate monitor and see if you can get your heart rate close to 180 beats per minute for 30 minutes of your hitting session. Not making the mark? Move your feet faster between hits or even have a timer every 2 minutes and do some burpees, lunges or even jumping jacks to get that heart rate up.

#2: Use Youtube to Improve

There are a lot of good channels out there (Mine has over 100 videos) to use and see if you can get some good advice for improving your technique or strategy. Have some ideas for a video? Let me know as I’ll be making many of them during the next 30 days!

#3: Use the Wall or Ball Machine

Although I won’t be able to teach much tennis during this time, I can train myself. I am lucky to have a wall and a ball machine nearby that allows for that to happen without any interaction with people. Try looking online for a ball machine if you can afford it otherwise check your local parks and schools for a wall at the tennis courts. You can use this to either work on your conditioning (#1) or your technique (#2).

#4: Choose Hitting Partners You Trust

The people that have been isolating themselves and monitoring their health would be good candidates to choose to hit some tennis balls with. Bring hand sanitizer and keep your distance, which is pretty easy as you are on opposite sides of the net. If you want to be especially careful, ensure you are not touching the balls as much as possible (so maybe no serving during your hit time).

I hope this gives you some ideas that can allow you to stay healthy with the sport of tennis while also keeping your distance from groups of people. Stay safe and well! Again, if you have ideas for a video for me to make, send me a message at:

Want to hit more forehands in your match? Check this video out:

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