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Why I Wrote a Book That Seemingly Competes with My Profession

Owning a business is a way to build your own version of a utopia. The environment of the workplace can be designed by your own desires and goals. The word “business” is often connected with a mentality that it’s all about money. This has been true in the past (just google “Ford Pinto” or “Schlitz Beer” and see how cutting costs did for them) and will be in the future but the most successful businesses know that money is a byproduct of having the right intentions that are transparent to everyone involved. Those intentions are all about helping the world around them. Apple, for example, is not “just” a computer company. They don’t advertise the “what” of what they make but rather the “why.”

A good TED Talk on this is found here.

I’m on my 6th year running tennis programs (as well as teaching tennis) for Castle Rock and the surrounding neighborhoods. I have found that the most important part of my business is to ensure that all the programs are designed to help people. This may sound obvious but when money is involved, the outcome (money in vs money out) is often what is focused on rather than the content that is delivered to the clients. I will often ask myself if the families involved in the program have received a transactional or transformational experience? I am hoping for the latter.

With this mindset, I think that one of many roles that I should hold is to deliver to the tennis community useful content that allows them to enjoy and improve upon the sport of tennis. This includes the knowledge and tools to give players the ability to work on their game themselves. Yes, lessons can be important but I feel there’s a lot of self-run training that can go into someone’s progress towards learning the many intricacies of tennis. Giving content through Youtube videos has been one avenue to share useful information but I wanted to take it a step further.

So I wrote a book.

The book is designed to give tennis players of all levels a researched base approach towards learning how to play tennis. Many sports are well connected so you will see a lot of information that can be useful to many sports, not just tennis. The book encompasses a large amount of detail on focused practices, technique, nutrition, fitness (mind and body), equipment, parenting and coaching. I conclude the book with interviews that covers experts in different areas of tennis, including the head nutritionist for the USTA and a former top five player who has coached multiple players to the number one ATP ranking. In short, this book has it all.

For order your own copy, please check this link out.

I hope it will help people as much as it has helped me, as I learned a lot through all of the research and interviews I conducted to complete it!

Want to handle drop shots that your opponent hits? Check this video out!

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