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Own Your Fitness: Turn Your Garage Into a Workout Center

Gym owners have realized that they can offer discounted membership rates for people based on one fact: most don't use it. We often think higher of ourselves in the future than what actually happens. Author Steven D. Levitt talks about this in his book Freakanomics where nonprofit companies use human psychology to help raise more donations. One of the tactics is asking donors to donate in the future rather than the present. This gave most nonprofits a substantial increase in money donated. Dan Gilbert's Ted Talk goes over this idea in detail. If you find that interesting, you should also check out his second video that goes into a further discussion regarding this. Although the subject itself is worth diving into, I just want to prove a point that we often make decisions about our future self that paints a better picture of what actually happens. T

Knowing this about ourselves, it would be wise to plan things out a bit. For example, James Clear, author of Atomic Habits, says that by eliminating obstacles to making healthy habits is a proven method to making the habit stick. This is why I would recommend having your workout center be at home, making it harder to say no. By having the convenience of a gym at the house may not only save you money in the long run, but also eliminate any excuses for not doing it.

Personally, fitness has been the main reason why my tennis game has been improving. The amount of time and energy that I can put into practices is determined by how fit I am. By working on my strength and endurance off the court, I can make my workouts much more efficient and effective. Luckily, the tennis is a sport that requires more reps and less weight, making the equipment to get rather cheap.

Here's a list of what I would recommend for you to include in your gym:

If you want more guidance to creating a workout regimen, check out They personalize sports specific workouts for you on a weekly basis that are tailored to when your tennis season is. There's a 14 day trial so it's definitely worth a try! The cost for a year is $70, which beats the price of a personal trainer :) Also if you more assistance, you are welcome to book a time with me and I'll be happy to help! Remember that tennis training doesn't always have to be on the court :)

Want to learn how to make a pull-up bar? Check out the following video on how to do just that!

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