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Play Your Matches With Kindness

As I make my way to Ghana for my annual service trip with 13 high schoolers, I find that the act of kindness is something that can allow you to play your best tennis. I was reminded of this yesterday when I watched a good doubles team defeat our team to qualify for state. The players would congratulate our team on good points regardless of the outcome. They would always pump themselves up with great shots they hit but also acknowledge our great shots as well. The next time you play your tennis match, consider that your acts of kindness allows for a few things.

First, your players will have a great experience playing. This is what we all want when we play sports, a good experience. Having this mindset can get you more players to practice with and build long lasting friendships.

Second, by acknowledging your opponents great shots you are taking the pressure off of you by showing that players make great shots and it's OK when it happens (the pros end points 33% of the time with winners!). By letting go of the outcomes and focusing on the effort will take the pressure off of you and make it easier to perform well!

Although a short blog this time, I find that this mindset can be quite powerful in your ability to play better during your matches. It also might make it a more enjoyable experience for everyone!

Having trouble on low balls at the net? Check this out:

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