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Interview With Adam Blicher

October 1, 2018

Adam Blicher is someone I quickly admired before I even thought about asking him for an interview.  In the quest for knowledge for my upcoming book, I looked to his podcasts on interviews with experts on tennis.  I highly recommend you check them out! Adam presently lives in Denmark so our Skype interview was a bit more special knowing that I’m communicating with someone on the other side of the world working on the very same things I am: a base of knowledge on tennis to help others increase their performance.  I hope the information I acquired from our talk helps you out with your own quest in teaching yourself tennis!


Adam’s Speciality is soft skills in tennis.  He likes to call it “helping people make better choices under perceived pressure.”  Within that, he has specific goals for his players that include:

  1. The players that he works with thrive as human beings.

  2. They develop on and off the court.

  3. They perform better under pressure.

To accomplish these goals, he works with each player in identifying limiting beliefs and through that, develop their self-awareness.  He also helps his players in creating realistic expectations and develop strategies for various situations on court. His tips are practical for any level and should be taken seriously with your training. Let’s dive in!


Tip #1:  High Expectation Are the Enemy

Having too high expectations can hurt your happiness, your development, your performance and your overall well-being.  This is a common reaction among tennis players.  We have a great performance in a lesson, drill or even a ma