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The Means Is The End

Jerry Weintraub was a film producer and talent agent for many big name movie stars such as Brad Bitt and George Clooney and artists like John Denver. In his book, When I stop Talking, You'll Know I'm Dead, Jerry talks about a story of a coat he wanted when he was a boy. It fit him perfect and when he showed it to his dad he agreed. "Can I get it?" Jerry asks his dad. "Sure! Do you have the money?" Of course Jerry didn't so he asked him if his dad could buy it. "That's not how it works son. You need to get a job and save up for it." So Jerry then got a job, saved up and bought the jacket. A funny thing happened during that time. Jerry went on to describe that the jacket no longer mattered (he actually lost it after he bought it) but rather that he realized that he could be in control of his own destiny if he just worked hard at it. This was the beginning of the making of one of the most famous people in show business. So how does this relate to tennis?

You Know You Got It When....

If you're wondering if you'll ever be successful in something, you can just look at the process you are doing to get there. If you are constantly reminding yourself that the end goal is worth the struggle, I would reconsider your strategy. The one thing that successful people have in common is that their end goal never really becomes an "end." Rather the continuing process of trying to become great at something is all that matters. Think of it as a positive feedback loop. The more you get results you like from the process you are doing, the more you will fall in love with the process where the means becomes the end.

Think about how you are trying to improve your tennis game. Are you in love with the process you are providing yourself? Do you have training partners to hit with? Reading up on nutrition and tweaking your diet to keep finding an edge? Playing tournaments with new goals of improvement in mind? Interviewing or hitting with top players to get some wisdom from them?

Speaking of, check out my first interview with the top player of Colorado. My goal is to provide everyone with information from players and coaches all over the world in regards to what it takes to teach yourself tennis. I came away with two great tips from Stas, a player from Russia who is dominating the tournaments here in Denver! I hope the video below helps you too!

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