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What Professional Athletes Obsess About And You Should Too

It's no surprise that athletes who get paid for their expertise in a field of sports will do whatever possible to get the most from their bodies. Their training regimen is filled with grueling physical and mental conditioning that can tire someone from just reading it. Here lies the point. How can athletes continually improve their skills as an athlete with such tough workouts? Remember that athletes consider their sport their job and if they do not perform well, they don't make money or will get fired. Many would point to nutrition and proper conditioning and training to allow this and they would be right; to a certain extent. What they miss is the elephant in the room regarding recovery, and that is sleep.

Why Is Sleep So Important

Let's take a look at all the aspects that sleep can do for an athlete that can directly impact their performance.

So What Can You Do To Sleep More?

My tips on getting the right sleep starts with a routine. Make sure you have a good gap of time that allows you to ease into bed comfortably. The best way to do this is to read or journal. Also consider having an early dinner so your body can rest rather than spend a lot of energy digesting your food. There are a plenty of tips to help with sleep but the main idea is to try to make it a priority rather than a "badge of honor" where you are considering it a triumph for sleeping very little throughout the week.

Need More Tips? Check These Out!

  1. Magnesium: Known to release cortisol levels (which relate to stress) and help you sleep.

  2. Blue Spectrum Blockers: Helps keep your body from thinking it's daylight when looking at electronic screens at night.

  3. Window Light Blockers: Allows a dark bedroom so you can get quality sleep.

Having Arm Problems? Check Out This Video:

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