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Know Your Window Of Opportunity To Act!

June 19, 2017

As you have read throughout these blogs I have written, improving your tennis game involves a commitment that impacts your physical and mental health, fitness and technique that relates to your personal life too. Many times, these actions can be difficult to start. Although the science of motivation can be rather complicated, I can help put motivation in a simpler perspective that may help you achieve more in your tennis game.

So Here Is What I Do

Writing this blog starts with a decision that involves me to stop other things in my life, sit down, brainstorm and finally write information in the most transparent way possible. All of these actions start with a single action that immediately follows a thought to do it. From my experience, you have about 5 seconds to either make that decision to do it right then or it will never happen. This means that having good intentions to do something in the future rarely ban out. A great example is your decision on when you want to wake up the next morning. You may envision yourself getting up an hour earlier than normal and going for a run or working on a project that needs extra time than you can give for that day. That morning, when the alarm goes off, you make that decision to get up within 5 seconds. Either the alarm is turned off and you get up or you put it on snooze. Once snooze is hit the first time, you will have a high chance of doing it a few more times before getting up. That 5-second window of opportunity translates towards or against your goals for that day and ultimately how successful you will be in reaching them.

Making That Decision Easier

The decision to act during that window of decision-making needs to be as easy as possible for you. This includes limiting as many obstacles as possible that would keep you from acting. Going back to the alarm example, putting your alarm away from your bed, forcing you to get up makes it harder to hit snooze. Having your clothes and shoes laid out for that morning makes it easier to change and get out running right away.


So the choice is yours! Be cognitive of that window and you may see some more actions you make that will push you in the direction of improvement!

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