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So I Played Golf The Other Day.....

April 29, 2017

For years golf has been a challenge for me to play as the amount of time I've invested in the sport is not nearly the amount of time I've done with tennis. This leaves me playing golf that is equivalent of being on a roller-coaster. My quality of shots varied shot per shot and hole to hole. To summarize my playing, it wasn't pretty.

So for years I've done this vicious cycle of wondering what quality of shot I'll hit every time I lined up to hit the ball. So yesterday I started thinking about my approach to golf due to the fact I was going to be playing the next day. The thought occurred to me that I need to consider the fact that my approach to golf needs to reflect my preparation. Since I play a handful of times a year I finally realized that a more conservative approach to playing might be the key to my performance.

So Here is What I Did....

If there are 14 clubs I can carry in a bag it became apparent to me that being able to hit all 14 isn't likely with my lack of experience. So when I warmed up today before my round of golf I chose 3 clubs I would only hit the entire time. I hit a 5 iron off the tee and a 7 or pitching wedge as my approach. This strategy allowed me to focus on the same swing with the same club.

And My Results Were...

Not nearly as bad as I have before! Every drive with the 5 iron I hit was short but straight and I never lost a ball. Having nothing more than a double bogey and two pars was nothing to be excited about but it was a lot better than I have done in the last few years. This has to do with how simple I made the approach to playing golf. Instead of hitting a club that I was supposed to hit I only hit balls with the clubs I knew I could hit.

Relating to Tennis

So often I see players hitting tennis balls that they think they should hit due to what they see on TV. There is this internal battle with players as they try to perform to the level pros due rather than having an ego check and realizing their shot selection needs to reflect what they can actually do. Try having a third-person perspective of your game and realize what your strengths and weaknesses are. Focus on "KISS." Keep It Simple Stupid. Don't try to hit the best shot available every point. Instead hit the best shot you're capable of. This will make you more consistent and enjoy your match and also make it harder for you to play against! Start by committing yourself to being disciplined in your practices and match play when hitting more conservative shots. Then you can focus on playing your opponent rather than the ego in you :)

See the video below to work on disguising your strokes to keep from being too predictable against your opponents.

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