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Why The Graduation Mentality Ruins Someone's Tennis Game

March 26, 2017

If you saw the last post I had, I want to let you know that I will get back to tennis elbow and the other essentials to keep your arm healthy this season. Before I do, I want to write about an important topic and something that I am a part of every year; graduation. I have told students that if I was to ever write a graduation speech, my first sentence would be, "if you look at this in the wrong lens, this could be the beginning of a downfall for you." You probably weren't expecting a teacher to say that but let me explain!

"In this world you're either growing or you're dying so get in motion and grow" - Lou Holtz

It's sad to say but I know a lot of people that live their lives without learning new things every day or even every week. It seems to me that many people view high school or college graduation as a point in which learning is done. I think it has just begun! Although school has taught me many facts and figures I will never need to know, it also taught me the ability to learn. That tool is essential in today's world as adjusting to the ever changing world around us is essential for success. This is the same for tennis. Most players I meet seem to have had their best days in high school or college. This makes sense as they had organized practices and opportunities to play a lot but I argue that our "graduation" mentality has left a lot of us in a situation where we want to improve our tennis game but we won't create the opportunities for ourselves to do that. For example, Denver, Colorado is the second largest population of adult tennis players in the United States! There are many players out there to provide opportunities to keep getting better no matter what your level is. I do this by finding guys better than me to do specific tennis drills so that I can improve. I found a cool site that helps you find local hitting partners and coaches at: Regardless, the only difference between what you had in high school or college and what you have now is the flexibility to create your own opportunities to play.

You need to show conviction in your goals

It's easy to get discouraged with tennis as there is always someone better than you. I don't look at it that way. I look at it as a challenge to get the most out of my potential. To have this mentality, you have to believe that you are worth the time and effort to invest in yourself. You have to have the belief that you can keep improving and that the journey is more important than the outcome in this process.

So back to graduation. Do you have the mentality that you are done growing or that you now have the ability to choose and grow in the areas you want to be best in? The only difference between you having the tennis game you really want is the decision that this is worth your investment of time and effort. Once you make that decision, you will start seeing growth that wasn't seen since high school.

Here is a video on improving the most important part of tennis (in my opinion), movement. If you can't get to the ball, it doesn't matter how pretty your strokes are! Check it out and start getting faster on the court! For more info on improving your tennis game, check out:

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