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Learning From Tom Brady

February 7, 2017

Although I'm a Michigan State grad and am not a fan of Michigan, a fellow graduate of that school has taught us a lot about how, regardless of sport, flexibility and nutrition is key. A recent article(thanks for sharing Nate!) goes into some detail about how a man of 39 is playing the best football of his life in a sport that has an average retirement age in the mid 20s.

Learning From Tom Brady

Despite the pressures of the NFL to bulk up and make decisions about their body that benefits them in the present, Brady went an alternative route. His diet cuts out sugars and unhealthy fats while focusing on anti inflammatory foods to help avoid injury. He mediates daily to work on his focus and spiritual well being. Fitness wise, he has focused on flexibility, not strength which has given him more range of motion which lowers the chance of injury on the field. This includes exercise bands, yoga and meditation.

Sound familiar?

Remember when Novak Djokovic became #1 in the world? His diet change coupled with a focus on flexibility gave him the push needed to reach the top of the tennis world. More and more players are defying the age rules of sports (Roger Federer anyone?) with an increased focus on mobility and nutrition.

So the question is what are you focusing on? Rather than hitting the dumb bells, maybe it's time to grab a resistance band and a yoga mat. Personally this has helped me feel younger and much more capable of getting to tennis balls with little resistance and pain in my body. Check out for more videos and articles that can help you with this! Also here is my first of many videos related to my new up and coming website: Enjoy!

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