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Your Litmus Test On How Successful Your Tennis Season Will Be

January 29, 2017

While running at my school track the other day at 5:20am in 7 degree weather, I thought about why I do this training. I have been asked this question before while training at a gym or through conversations on diet. I had to really think about this and found that the answer relates with one word: competitiveness. I define this as being unsatisfied with the status quo. Finding ways to be better than you were the day before. Break away from the norm to set yourself apart from others. How much you believe in this will be a good indication of how well you perform this year in tennis.

Let Me Explain

Every tennis player I know doesn't enjoy losing and would love to win all of their tennis matches. The litmus test on how successful that person will be in reaching those goals is determined by how much they are willing to suffer. The work you are willing to do outside of your matches will be the deciding factor. Are you treating every meal you eat as an opportunity to get stronger and healthier? Are you making sleep a priority so you can function at your highest ability the next day? Do you do something every day to work on your fitness? All of these things do not come easy for people and I have found that the athletes that love doing the unpleasant training are the ones that will be the most successful. This is why we do not have a lot of star athletes. It's hard!

So you have about one more month before tennis officially starts up. What are you going to do to ensure there are no regrets on your preparation for the season? The more you're willing to do, the more you'll get out of it at the end.

I have finished my first edits of the 14 chapters I have written (45k+ words) on all the elements that are needed to become a great tennis player. Please contact me for any suggestions you would like to start preparing for the season. Best of luck!

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