• Initial 30 minute health consultation (one per plan)
  • Consistent feedback via email/text to help with support/accountability.
  • One 30 minute assessment of foods at your house and suggestions to improve healthy food choices. 
  • Customized meal ideas to suit personal goals.
  • Reading material to help support healthy habits and relate to tennis performance.
  • Once a week, 50-minute session (one-on-one or via skype/phone) that can cover any of the following: 
    • Strategies for development of healthy eating habits.
    • Solutions to roadblocks that impeded further progress.
    • Ideas to substitute certain foods and drinks.
    • Exercises that are specific to your goals.
    • Education on macro/micro nutrients.
    • Tips to sustain healthy eating habits.
    • Connecting your health to tennis performance.

3 Month Plan

  • If you're not happy with the support you get to reach your health goals, you will get your money back!