My unique background in health and tennis has shown to give results for tennis players seeking a better method than just focusing on technique.  I use a personalized combination of health, fitness, mobility and tennis instruction to improve your tennis game!  Use the resources on this site to learn more!

Tennis As a Vehicle to Self Improvement

I am hoping tennis can give you the same benefits as it has given me.  With the pursuit of constantly improving my tennis game, I have found that discipline, health and fitness were all important entities to getting me to the next level of tennis.


While acquiring this, I realized it has given me the ability to accomplish things I have never thought I could.  I certainly have enjoyed the "side effects" of an improved tennis game!  

Health and Fitness Background

I have engaged myself with multiple dieting methods, exercises and routines to better educate myself with what is out there for people to learn from.  This includes experience with: 

-Functional Movement Screening Certification 

-Integrated Nutrition Health Coaching Certification 

-Long distance running



-Anaerobic Lifting

-Injury free exercises and stretches

-Tennis specific fitness training

I have begun to realize there is more to improving your tennis game than just through a tennis lesson.  Having good health, mobility and fitness can get you to the level you have been striving for.

All of these experiences have allowed me to be an expert in maximizing the mind and body needed to reach a 5.0 tennis level without any outside instruction.  

Tennis Background

I like to say that I have a unique background in the sport I love.  I started tennis at the age of 15 when I entered high school.  With deep practice, a passion for the sport and some luck; I have been able to get to where I can instruct at a high level.  I play as a rated 5.0 with no formal lessons.  I have done this through health, strategy and technique.  Tennis instructors focus on the technique but I believe they are all equally important to get to the level you are capable of.  Below are my 12+ years of experience as a coach and instructor.


Michigan State University (MI)

East Lansing High School (MI)

Hawaii Preparatory Academy (HI) 

Mallard Creek High School (NC)

Legend High School (CO)

Rock Canyon High School (CO)

Castle View High School (CO)

Instructing (USPTA Pro)


Michigan State University Indoor Tennis Facility

Nike Tennis Camps 

Michigan Athletic Club 


Mauna Kea Tennis Resort (HI)

Waimea Indoor Tennis Facility (HI)

North Carolina

Midwood Tennis Academy (NC)

River Run Tennis Center (NC)


Big Thompson Tennis Academy

American Academy Tennis Program 

Colorado Athletic Club Inverness

Castle Pines Village 

Castle Rock Tennis

My Commitment To You

Are you striving to improve their tennis game through multiple avenues?  You came to the right place!  You understand the importance of being balanced in health, fitness and instruction to maximize your game.   All of my articles, videos and blogs are for this purpose.  I will continue to pursue excellence in methods to maximize your tennis game and share with you on this site.  Start your journey with me to a healthier tennis player today!